Vista Sucks

Hello, im a mac.

Due to some shitty techneicle family reasons im forced to buy a vista laptop as my next computer, good news is we set the wireless internet and now i can use the computer while lying on my bed :D.


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Back in Germany again, its been a craaazy week and i really learned a lot from Claudio. I went to a skatepark and had a complete blast by showing all the noobs how to skate 😀 (just kiddin) so its been awesome and thanks again to Claudio!

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Jesus, second last day

Even crazier today, did some crazy tricks: soul to tru topsoul to soul, soul to back farv to true topacid, soul transfer to royale to AO fish. Claudio did some REALLY great tricks as well, all on footage (most). But with great tricks comes great fails, and i smashed my shin a bit and pulled my hip again a little. Tommorow i leave to Mannheim again, im really going to miss skating in Switzerland 😦 Oh and the gangster kids with the funky pants were there again 😀

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Just great


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Day.. 3, 4?

Another cool session, did a AO topacid on a cool curb and shit. Not so much skating today, but we went chilling out at the lake and that was pretty cool, (dailydirt.wordpress) claudio shot some cool photos and sequences by the lake and after we just went to a huge fatty rail to skate, which i didnt do just because i felt like i was gonna hurt my arm again :(. Saw some deers too on the way down.

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Whoa, Second day

Second day of skating, feeling much better on the skates and did some cool tricks. AO soul to 270 back royale, fishbrain down a box, some zero spin shit and AO topacid. It was a cool session but now im exhausted and dying, had some annoying slams and pulled my hip a bit, got a bruised knee and a little cut which i dunno how i got. Claudio (dailydirt.wordpress) got some cool footages of our session, and i helped film a bit to improve my awesome filming skills 😀 also got a cool Kendama footage.

Sweet session

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First day back

First day back to rolling again, feels a little bit funny. Did simple tricks, skated at a cool ledge and just messed about with souls acids and stuff like that. I tried the CF V2 Xsjados and so far they suck, but it might be because of the frames and 3 months of none skating, not very use to it aswell. So far the trip is awesome, watched a few films and stuff. Going to try the Nihms tomorrow and bring the Xsjados along just in case.

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Another one


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I want to Roll

It’s been 4 months since i haven’t rolled. I’m dying already :S can’t take anymore of this shit, been watching videos of people rolling to make myself feel better but it sucks even more. Lucky that i’m going to claudio’s soon for a rolling trip 😀 3rd of Augast here i come!

Video of the day:

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Bad News

Lost internet, so no more posts for a while. I’m in a internet cafe right now and it sucks

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